Motion Specific Release (MSR) is a powerful approach that re-establishes the neuromuscular stability of the body through the use of hands-on procedures that increase a patient’s optimal function.

The MSR approach provides you with cutting-edge soft-tissue techniques and procedures that you can immediately integrate into your clinic practice. MSR eliminates pain, restores function, and places control back into the hands of your patients.​

The MSR approach is all about achieving optimum results. MSR helps you to tap into your own clinical creativity. This concept of clinical creativity has taken many practitioners in to a whole new level of exceptional clinical results.

With its hand-on, evidence-based techniques, MSR is able to restore relative motion throughout all the structures of the Kinetic Chain.

MSR provides an open platform that allows you to integrate your techniques and methods into its powerful vocabulary of procedures.

MSR is a powerful framework that will grow your already existing practice, substantially improve your clinical results, and substantially increase your patient referral rates.


Edmonton, Alberta

16 Continuing Education Credits
Date: June 9th – 10th, 2018
MSR Certification Course

Bay Area, California

12 Continuing Education Credits
Date: Fall 2018
MSR Upper-Body Course

London, England

12 Continuing Education Credits
Date: November 10th – 11th, 2018
MSR Upper-Body Course

Orlando, Florida

12 Continuing Education Credits
Date: October 27th – 28th, 2018
MSR Lower-Body Course

Houston, Texas

12 Continuing Education Credits
Tentative Date: February 23rd-24th, 2019
MSR Upper Extremity Course

Houston, Texas

12 Continuing Education Credits
Tentative Date: June 22nd – 23rd, 2019
MSR Lower Extremity Course


Join us at Kinetic Health and experience Motion Specific Release (MSR) for yourself. Whether you are a practitioner or a student we would love to see you at our clinic. We can show you how to integrate MSR into your existing clinical protocols to achieve optimum patient results.

MSR is all about the integration of diverse perspectives to achieve optimal results for your patients. By sharing yours perspectives you help us build a community of dedicated practitioners with a focus on continually improving our results.


Dr. Brian Abelson


Dr. Evangelos Mylonas


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